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Your Gateway to Exegesis on the WEB

The Biblical Studies on the WEB offers scholars a useful gateway to the exegis on the WEB since 1998.

With the publication of hightly established biblical journals and differents tools from search engines to biblical resources lists, it is your way to get access to exegesis today.

The BSW research Center includes :

Biblica (recent articles)
Filologìa (recent articles)
Kim Yoo-ki, «The Agent of hesed in Naomi’s Blessing (Ruth 2,20)» Vol.85 (2014) 589-601
Tam Josaphat C., «When Papyri and Codices Speak: Revisiting John 2,23-25.» Vol.85 (2014) 570-588
Bezzel Hannes, «Der Prophet als Bleilot. Exegese und Theologie in Amos 7.» Vol.85 (2014) 524-545
Na’aman Nadav, «Jebusites and Jabeshites in the Saul and David Story-Cycles» Vol.85 (2014) 481-497
Rius-Camps Josep - Read-Heimerdinger Jenny, «The Variant Readings of the Western Text of the Acts of the Apostles (XX) (Acts 14:1-27)» Vol.22 (2009) 107-132
Becker Eve-Marie, «Mk 1:1 and the Debate on a 'Markan Prologue'» Vol.22 (2009) 91-106